How to know which is the best marijuana bud

marijuana bud

First of all, if you are lucky enough to live in a state that has legalized the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, you will probably never have to deal with a low-quality marijuana in your entire life ever again.

There is not an exact way to determine which marijuana bud is good or bad without giving it a go or by solely looking at it, but there are some pointers that could help you determine if you are going to have a good time or basically just waste your money.

If you are new to this whole cannabis experience, the first step would be to choose the right marijuana strain for yourself.

Once you do that, you should check the weed for its density. The buds of Indica strain should be fat and chunky as well as hard to squeeze. When you try to crunch them, they should be kind of crispy. On the other hand, Sativa buds are quite often softer and somewhat thinner than Indica buds.

In any case, be sure to avoid buds that are light and quite thin in appearance and the ones that have easily detectable stems.

If you have a chance to get a closer look before you buy weed, make sure to check the color, the smell, and the way it is trimmed.

The color and other visual features of a high-quality bud

In most cases, high-quality cannabis buds will be green in color. Sure, the color may vary from lighter to darker shades, but if the buds you intend to buy are brown, that most certainly is not a good weed.

Quite often the buds can have slight traces of some other colors, for example, purple or blue, but if the majority of a bud is in any other color rather than green, do not buy it. Not only is it low-quality, but brown weed could also contain mold or some other unwanted substance.

You should also be able to see a bunch of so-called crystals, the trichomes, on your product. They indicate the level the THC in your weed. If the weed doesn’t have a bit of a frosty look, it is not rich in trichomes, therefore – it’s bad.

If the weed has any thin white hairs on it, do not buy it, since those hairs are most certainly pests.


Furthermore, the quality of the product can be assumed based on the number of sticks and stems in it. If it is a quality product, it will contain no more than a few which hold the bud together. Also, the weed you’re buying should not contain any seeds.

You may wonder what does the way the weed is trimmed have anything to do with determining the quality of a product. Well, the truth is, the way weed is trimmed can only tell you if cannabis has been maintained in the right way, which can be a sign of a quality product.

The smell of weed

If you are anything like me, you will first smell a dish that you haven’t tried before and you will try it only if it smells good. Of course, I could be mistaken in some cases (but most of the time the smell indicates the taste of the food). Well, when it comes to weed – smell is everything. If the weed you’re intending to buy has no smell whatsoever or it smells like grass, you should most definitely skip on buying it.

Finally, here are some basic pointers: if it smells good and if it is a bit dry and a bit sticky, if it is a solid green color with or without hints of another color, if it has a frosty look, it should be great and you will have quite an enjoyable experience.

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