Marijuana gifts for her and him


These days, we celebrate a lot of things and we’re always wondering what is the best gift that we can get someone. Of course, one of the many factors is the type of celebration, is a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, bridal shower, or anything else. The other important factor is who we’re giving the gift to and what that particular person likes. As if gift giving weren’t difficult enough, a whole new group of people popped up in the gift market industry now that cannabis is legal. Whether you’re a novice, a regular marijuana user, or if you haven’t tried it at all and you just want to get a cool birthday present to a friend who smokes pot, we have decided to lend a helping hand in choosing the right gift.

This following item is great for both male or female stoners and non-stoners. We all have a sense of basic hygiene and none of us want that lingering smell of weed when someone comes to visit, especially when it’s someone like your parents. Bamboo mini bags are a convenient and practical gift as they get rid of the persistent smell of weed whether it’s concentrated in your drawers, bags, or some other small spaces where you might keep your stash. If you’re feeling generous, you can even but a few and cover larger areas of space such as your living room.

Home cooking is making a comeback, especially for those whose favorite restaurants don’t use a particular spice. Therefore, another gift that may sooth both male and female stoners is a weed cookbook. The one we have in mind is Bong Appétit. This is a wholesome gift that is guaranteed to make you extra grateful at the next Thanksgiving or put you in a more festive mood at Christmas.

When it comes to female stoners, guys should keep in mind that sometimes they like pretty things and like to make the most out of situations that bring them pleasure. In certain situations, practicality goes hand in hand with aesthetics. With that in mind, your girlfriend or a cool female family member, or simply your female best friend might enjoy a Coral Lassie, a pipe made from real rose quartz which is both practical and beautiful.

The next item could be the ultimate gift for her, so pay close attention. Whether you’re married or in a long term relationship, things might get a bit too familiar and routine like in the bedroom. Furthermore, your wife or your girlfriend might not always be able to get all that she wants from your intimate moments. Therefore, a perfect gift to show her that her pleasure is as important as your own is Foria PLEASURE WITHIN, a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure.

When it comes to men, they usually like to get their hands dirty or at least show off some of their skills. That usually involves throwing a good rager. Over time, we get a bit more sophisticated and a rager or a kegger is replaced with a casual gathering with cocktails. A suitable gift for your friend, boyfriend, or husband who likes to unwind after work is a CANNABIS COCKTAILS, MOCKTAILS, & TONICS, a collection of 75 recipes. Additionally, having this is a perfect occasion to invite your friends and have some fun at home when you can’t really afford to go out.

One of the advantages of being a guy is not having to carry around a lot of stuff in a bag or a purse. They usually fit a wallet in their pocket and they’re ready to go. Because of this and their predisposition not to burden themselves with the trouble of carrying a stash, rolling paper, a lighter, or anything else that can make their pockets too heavy, a stoner on the go could really use a Green Jay Single Tube. This tube is highly convenient and is guaranteed to keep a perfectly rolled joint safe and fresh.

Of course, we haven’t forgotten those who either don’t have enough time to choose the right gift or are simply not that good at gift giving. Luckily, there is always the option of giving someone a gift card and that doesn’t take away from the thoughtfulness, it rather says that you care enough for someone and that you would like them to pick out what they want the most. This you can do with Tetra gift card which is digital and delivered via email along with a code which is redeemed at the checkout. The amount varies from 25 to 500 dollars.

Finally, a few words of advice. Always keep in mind the person you’re buying the gift for; what are they like, what are their preferences, and what could they use the most. To those of you at the receiving end, never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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