Marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds

Numerous cannabis seeds can be found on the market. They all have their own distinctive qualities. The seeds can be categorized into three groups: regular, feminized and autoflowering. Which seeds will grow into quality plants is a matter of genetics. Of course, storing them properly is extremely important, since mold and other pathogens can destroy what could have been an excellent plant.

According to some growing sites, it is recommended to avoid white or pale green seeds. The reason behind it is that they are not mature enough. Dark and cool places are where you should store your seeds. It is highly recommended to use them within 16 months.

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular or standard seeds can be both male and feminine. That means you cannot know if the plants from those seeds will become male or female, but if cultivated in the right conditions, they are more likely to grow into feminine plants.

If you want a more authentic approach, regular seeds are the way to go but keep in mind that by choosing the standard seeds you really have to be committed because they require more care and attention as opposed to other seeds, especially because male plants have to be removed in order to cultivate the female plants instead.

Feminized seeds

Unlike the regular seeds, feminized seeds require much less care and attention in terms of light and temperature. These particular seeds have a wide range of benefits. Due to a thorough process of selection in which the best elements/qualities are taken/combined, feminized seeds produce their own resinous buds and they do not need pollinating. Also, they grow faster and produce buds with higher levels of active cannabinoids.

The most popular feminized seeds on the market are Yellow Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze, and Afghan Skunk.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds come from Sativa or Indica plants crossed with Ruderalis plant. They can mature in a short period of time, in less than 10 weeks. Autoflowering strains, just as feminized seeds, do not require specific light and temperature environments and are considered low-maintenance option because they don’t require any removal of male plants. However, you may want to remove them just to be on the safe side. Top three selling autoflowering seeds are AK 47 AUTO, Low Rider AUTO, and Amnesia Haze AUTO.

Seed germination

It is not difficult to sprout the cannabis seeds. In order to get the best germination rates, your seeds need moisture, warmth and peace. Keep in mind that moisture does not mean soaking, although, you can soak hard seeds for about 24-32 hours but not longer than that. Make sure your seeds get enough warmth, but not too much. When checking the seeds, be gentle and careful.

There are several germination methods. You can soak marijuana seeds in water overnight, as mentioned above. If the seeds are hard, put them in a glass of warm water. This will help “wake up” the older seeds. Some seeds take longer than others to sprout, so if there are any still-ungerminated seeds after a 24-hour soak, put them in a warm and moist place so they can finish germinating.

You can also use the paper towel method. It is quite simple actually. Just get your paper towel wet, fold your seeds in it, and put it in a warm place. A possible downside to this method is that the paper towel can dry out, so it is recommended to put the towel between two plates.

Another method, the most natural one, is planting the seeds directly in growing medium. This method has one huge benefit – the seeds being in their final resting place means no shock to the young seedling during transplant because they immediately start adjusting to the environment.

Another option for germinating seeds is a germination station. They are pretty cheap to buy and they work very well, but if you prefer to make one all by yourself you can do it by putting a plastic dome over a plate on a heating pad. Germination stations are convenient because the seeds are being germinated in starter seedling cubes which means they can easily be transferred right to the next growing container.

Additional information on marijuana seeds

Our bodies need Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids but are not able to produce them. Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids are found in marijuana seeds, even in the standard hemp seeds in a near-perfect balance. The most common size of marijuana seeds is the size of a match head, but there are seeds as small as tomato seeds, whereas some seeds reach the size of a pea.

The seeds that crush easily can produce solid plants, even though it is a common belief that those seeds are no good. In order to keep the seeds in a good shape prior to germination, you must store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. Hemp oil is made out of cannabis seeds. It may contain traces of THC, but not in an amount big enough to cause any significant change or feeling.

The oldest cannabis seeds ever found are almost 5,000 years old. One marijuana plant can produce hundreds, if not thousands of cannabis seeds. Of course, that depends on how the plant is grown, the size of the plant, and the pollination. Cannabis seeds are mostly used as a laxative in traditional Chinese medicine, but also as a painkiller or as a sedative.

Around Christmas time, people in Poland enjoy a soup made with cannabis seeds. If you have any Polish friends, ask them for a recipe :).

As you can see, marijuana seeds have many uses.

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