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Synthetic urine strap belt kit

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    As children, we’ve all pulled practical jokes either on our siblings, cousins, or our friends. We’ve all seen them in movies or on tv shows, and most of us have tried some of them. More often than not, most of them were harmless but funny. One of the most popular ones included wetting the bed and we’ve seen that the way to do it is by dipping a person’s fingers in warm water. Taking into account that human imagination is an endless source of inspiration, some people with a funny bone have devoted their intellectual resources to developing new ways of pranking someone. Thus, a synthetic urine strap belt kit was invented and can be used to prank someone or make a joke at one’s own expense. Synthetix5 is the ideal alternative to natural urine. Made and quality tested in a laboratory following strict rules and regulations and using the latest research and evidence, this fake pee is designed to not only replicate natural urine in regard to chemistry, but it is also designed to look and feel like natural urine, too. The way this gadget was designed was to be wrapped around your waist with a concealed bag which can be filled with fluid and at any time the fluid can be released. Those who can be a bit extreme in getting out of some sticky situations might even use it for that purpose. This gadget might also come in handy to all of those women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy and want to get away from people who for no reason feel that it isn’t awkward to rub their belly. Moreover, this gadget has found a new target group among those who use weed and have to undergo a company drug test.

    You can also buy synthetic urine in a form of bottle kit.

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